In addition to songwriting and gigging with the Jes Perry band, Jes is an experienced voice instructor and educator.  As an educator, Jes' goal is to support students in their discovery of the power, beauty, and variety, inherent in their own individual voice.  The voice is a wonderfully flexible and fluid instrument when working at it’s best, and the discovery of one’s best voice can be an exciting lifelong adventure.  Being able to support students as they experience their own singing journey - as they mature and learn to use their voice in a healthy and functional way, is the reason Jes teaches and the basis for her private vocal instruction. 

Through the process of daily practice and targeted vocal exercises promoting healthy vocal technique, students develop their voices and learn to sing across a range of styles including pop, rock, R&B, jazz, music theater, and classical genres.  When students put in the work, the voice responds and joyful singing is supported and achieved.  That Jes gets to be a part of the process is the best part of teaching – Jes loves working with young singers!

Jes has been singing since  the age of three and has had the pleasure of performing in a variety of singing groups covering a wide range of styles.  For those interested in credentials, Jes was a scholarship student at the Hartt School of Music but after three semesters transferred to the University of Connecticut where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in traditional vocal performance.  Jes also has a Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music where she studied contemporary styles, and a Master’s of Education from Cambridge College.  Jes' theses compared the history, physiology and pedagogy of traditional bel canto vocal methods to contemporary belt style singing.  Additionally, Jes has her level II certification in Somatic Voicework™, the Jeannie LoVetri method.  Jes is also an Assistant Professor in the Professional Music Department at Berklee College of Music and and during the summers teaches in  the Berklee College of Music Day Sessions, and Five-Week Summer Performance Program.

Jes offers 30, 45, and 60-miniute voice lessons to students ages 12 through adult emphasizing good vocal health using appropriate exercises and repertoire tailored to fit the needs of each student.

To inquire about lessons, please send an email to  Include your name, age, experience and what your goals are, or what you hope to achieve by taking voice lessons.



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